Schedule – Fall 2023

Date Week Information Visualization Technology
Sep 7 1-Intro Syllabus Case studies Observable, reactive notebooks
Sep 14 2-Theory Evaluating case studies Marks & Channels Observable’s not JavaScript, d3-array
Sep 21 3-Prototype What’s the story? EDA with Plot Plot API, arrow functions, transforms
Sep 28 4-Interact BI to data journalism Coupled graphics Inputs, filtering and faceting
Oct 5 5-Dashboard EDA with context Dashboard/case study CSS & HTML5
Oct 12 6-Embed Above the fold & SPAs gh-pages &h observable Bootstrap
Oct 19 7-Geo Maps & projections Plot geo, MapLibre D3-geo, geo/topojson
Oct 26 8-Select Selections 3 little circles D3 and the DOM
Nov 2 9-Transition* Statistical graphics Object constancy D3 & CSS transitions
Nov 9 10-Animate* Custom graphics Advanced techniques Generators and Promises
Nov 16 11-Brush* Focus + context Zooming and brushing d3-zoom, d3-brush
Nov 23 Thanksgving No class
Nov 30 12-Algo* Visualizing altorithms Case studies Advanced D3
Dec 7 13-Projects Presentations
Dec 14 No class Finals week

*module order and content subject to change


Week Reading (and other media)
1-Intro Learn D3: Introduction
  Learn D3: By Example
  Observable Plot: What is Plot?
  Observable Plot: Why Plot?
  JavaScript in Observable – collection
  Observable’s not JavaScript (renamed: Observable JavaScript)
2-Theory Introducing d3-scale (article)
  Introduction to D3’s scales
  Storytelling with Data by Cole Knaflic (O’Reilly book)
  Reactive notebooks evolve (2021) – Nature article
3-Prototype NYT Graphics and D3 with Mike Bostock and Shan Carter (podcast)
4-Interact Introduction to Inputs
  Learn D3: Interaction
  There’s a link to a research paper by Ben Scheiderman
5-Dashboard Dashboard/2
  TBD – There’s likely to be an update very soon
6-Embed Embedding
  Advanced Embedding and Downloading
7-Geo Plot: Geo
  The Toolmaker’s Guide – FOSS4G keynote 2014
8-Join Learn D3: Joins
9-Transition* Learn D3: Animation
  Object constancy
  Awaiting visibility
10-Animate* Animation loops
  Learn D3: Animation
  Introduction to generators
11-Brush* d3-brush – collection
  d3-brush – github
  Plot brush (#71)
  Plot early bird
12-Algo* Visualizing Algorithms